The Case Of The Mysterious Dripping Of The Midmark Autoclave

Dr H was having an issue with her Midmark Autoclave. The temperature would not get above 260 degrees F and pressure would only reach a high of 18 psi, and then it would start dropping.

After a few minutes, it would shut down and generate the error code C983.

There is Any leaks at all on th Since there was puddling under the right-hand rear of the autoclave, we all assumed that the Pressure Valve was leaking

So, she replaced it. But, it did not resolve the issue. The dripping still continued and all of the other symptoms remained the same.

The Midmark autoclave only uses 120 to 140 ml (less than 5 oz of water per cycle. Any loss of water at all during the cycle causes the heating element to stay in a dead run instead of cycling on & off like it is supposed to.

Note: This causes the unit to overheat and the high limit thermostat to cut the power to the heating element to protect the autoclave…. and it then generates the C983 error code to alert you that it has overheated

After removing the side panel, she ran another cycle. It was then that she discovered that water was dripping from the tubing where it connected to the fill valve

Dr H, being an orthodontist, put her skills to work and used some of the wire she uses in her practice to clamp the tubing to the fitting.

This immediately stopped the leak and she was able to complete the cycle without any issues at all

Thinking a clamp was missing, she gave us a call. That particular junction does not use a clamp.

Over time, the hose had enlarged and became loose.

The Solution: Simply cut off an inch or so of the end of the hose and push it back on Where We Make “Autoclave Repair Made Simple”